Various Alcohols from the world 🍷
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Thank you for visiting our bar.

Continuing from the previous issue, we would like to introduce our alcohol menu!


In fact, you will find Gorgon’s attractive point not only in its various reptiles, but also in the 🍷alcohol🍷 imported from various countries….

Some of our alcoholic beverages are hard to find in Japan, so we hope you will try some of them!



Here we will pick up a few of our many alcohol items and introduce them to you.




Hon Habu Shochu

A alcohol made with Amami brown sugar shochu or Awamori  . It will be served with a glare from the Hon Habu.


Opal Nera Black Sambuca

A harb flavor liqueur recommended by London Leopa Mr. Aaron. Please try our original cocktail mixing Black Sambuca, “Black Night”.


Professor Crocodile Gin

An Italian gin with an attractive label design created in collaboration with a tattoo maker.

Spicy first notes of juniper berry and Jamaican pepper, followed by a sweet vanilla aftertaste.